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Billboard Pricing

Pricing is determined primarily by media type, location, size and traffic counts.

Junior Poster

Junior Poster

Average Size: 6'X12'
Price range: $250-$400/Month*

Located mainly on secondary highways and urban areas. They target local, harder to reach audiences. They can be especially effective for time sensitive or special events, as well as longer term campaigns.

  • Close to roadway

  • Eye level 

  • Usually free standing

  • Most economical ad option

*Tower Billboards charges by the month. Many larger companies charge every 4 weeks, or 13 billings/year.



Average Size: 10'X22'
Price Range:

Like it's smaller cousin, posters also target local audiences with very effective and time sensitive advertising. Located along primary and secondary roadways with a larger message to capture more attention for your ad dollar.

  • Close to roadway

  • Effective short and long term campaigns 

  • Much higher return than newspaper, radio and TV

  • Also able to target hard to reach audiences

IMG_1043 2.jpg


Average Size: 14'X40'
Price Range: $600-$1400/Month

Bulletins are the largest available format and deliver their message in a very BIG way along Interstate and Primary roadways. Typically in high traffic areas, they can deliver your message to 500,000+ viewers every week in certain areas.

  • Great for local, regional and national campaigns

  • Located along high traffic Interstate and Primary routes.

  • Can incorporate 3-D and digital number designs.


Available Sizes: 6'X12' & 11'X20"
Price Range: $350-$1200/Month

If you really want to get noticed, it's hard to beat a digital ad. Digital billboards are gaining more and more popularity, and are able to deliver time sensitive ads without the production cost and time of vinyl.

  • Extreme graphic flexibility 

  • Able to deliver unparalleled time sensitive advertising

  • Utilize dynamic, more effective ads

  • Advanced targeting options

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